September 27, 2021


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President of The Republic of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir has resigned after 30 years in power following months of protests over riding cost of bread.

Government sources who confirmed the development say a transitional council is expected to to be put in place to succeed him. There are also reports that the Army will make an important announcement in the coming hours. The Army which has been the backbone of support for President Bashir have been seen in the last 24 hours guiding protesters on the streets of Khartoum as the occupy the Defence Ministry chanting anti-Bashir slogans.

The Army was known to attack and disperse protesters in a bid to keep the President in power. Even on Tuesday, the Army clashed with the protesters leaving 11 persons dead. On Thursday morning however, the protesters outside the Defence Ministry chanted: “It has fallen, we won” in reference to President Bashir’s resignation.

Unconfirmed reports say he has been arrested. Bashir was indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague after allegations of genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region surfaced. The country has been under severe sanctions leading to the high cost of food including bread and shortages in fuel and cash.

It will be recalled that Omar al-Bashir, a former paratrooper, seized power in 1989 after a coup. Under his crisis-ridden presidency the country in a peace deal had to agree to the breakaway of South Sudan which became an independent country on July 9, 2011

Source: @Dimensions_Live