October 25, 2021


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~Brought to you by The Leadership of ODENGENE PEOPLES MOVEMENT (OPM).

If you twist the truth or trample upon historical events, it will most surely and definitely grow stronger by time.

In the modern societies of today, man’s contributions to his immediate Society varies from purely physical occupations like a labourer, to purely mental duties like that of a manager.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s Administration will be specifically remembered for it’s original and recreational exploits.

Because it took genuine and high tempo political Keen observers to note the intellectual contents of the leadership dexterity exhibited by the man on the saddle, in the process of governance.

With the comatose situation of the country and a looming Economic recession, coupled with an ominous signs of collapse here and there.

Governor Ugwuanyi and his worthy team used the tools and institutions of Democracy to achieve an enviable degree of stability. With vital changes in the Political methodology, while growing peaceful and prosperous diversified economy.

The vast majority of Ndi-Enugu State population are people who subscribe to the new ideology of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s Leadership methods which have ushered in the feeling that we now refer to as ” gross statewide” happiness, which measures not just the wealth of the state but how content, healthy and how well educated our people are, as well as the state of our environment.

The unveiling of an innovative Coal City Fellowship Center through the State scholarship and Education Board, in partnership with the prestigious Oxford University. To mentor the young minds of the South East region, in an exclusive Student Fellowship proposal.

A sound testament of the premium which the Ugwuanyi Administration has placed on quality education.

This is a program that will provide insightful training and commensurate mentorship on innovation that can spin off towards creative solutions to Nigeria’s technological and Economic challenges.

Before now, the OPM has detected the Enugu State tech hub. Also an initiative of His Excellency, The Rt. Hon. Dr. Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, to ensure youths inclusion in his administration through active engagement in the public and private sector enterprises.

Providing skills acquisition trainings, enterpreneurship and innovative programmes. Career enhancement initiatives all in a bold efforts to reduce Youth unemployment in the state to the barest minimum.

Thereby preparing the Youths of the state to earn better future and at the same time be empowered to either become successful employers of labour or employees in the competitive IT industries.

This must be in view of the obvious fact that Enugu State has a good number of Universities and polytechnics that offer quality programmes in the Sciences, Engineering, Technology as well as Management.

This has resulted in large turn out of quality graduates on annual basis. And a good number of these graduates being willing enough to set up innovative business ventures to showcase their skills but the resources to do so may not have been available for them to start up, hence the need for the Government intervention by the provision of these start ups.

An affordable business environment where these ones can easily come together and with some little capital, access spaces to be able to start- up their own businesses and then compete favourably with other tech companies outside of the state by providing essential business services and products.

The Enugu State ICT cluster cum technology innovation hub is equally a center for bringing in ICT start-up companies and other tech giants into a meaningful single interface with Enugu Youths with a wonderful aim of business development, training, internship, research, incubation and transfer of ideas as well as skills acquisition and management.

In comparison to Governor Ugwuanyi’s predecessors towards the performance debate, the comparative analysis and the inherent political debate vis-a-vis the situation on ground. The present situation is filled with popular and global perspective policies that have unleashed the creative potentials and ability of the teeming Enugu Youths to the whole world.

The intention here is never to rule out the possibility of dissenters or anti System elements.

These of course abound in all societies but the Social welfare functions of every government in power is usually quite visible such that even unrepentant cynics cannot deny their existence.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s political Leadership and behavior is evidently the consequent reasons for the massive inflow of local and foreign investors into Enugu State, scrambling for market share from the state economy sectors such as Agriculture, Tourism and Hospitality industries, entertainment and transportation, etc.

Governor Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu of Africa) has succeeded in using his managerial acumen to set up a motion- machine for Enugu State Economic rejuvenation and prosperity. To mention but a few.

Stay tuned to ODENGENE PEOPLES MOVEMENT as it comes with the updates on Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s Leadership MANTRA.