October 25, 2021


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OPM SALUTES GOV. UGWUANYl AND HIS WORTHY TEAM – A Formidable Leadership Experience!

Brought to you by the Leadership of ODENGENE PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT, OPM.
At some particular intervals during historical events reckoning, a generation rises up to do that which is right and purposeful.
Thereby rescuing their immediate Societies from the ravages of self sewage, rapacious tendencies, enemies of it’s prosperity, freedom and peace.
The Socio-political and economic philosophy as represented and exhibited by the glorious era of this present Administration in Enugu State in terms of empirical disposition, have thrown up a bold and beautiful challenge demanding the virtues of statemanship, for a dependable sustainance of leadership thereafter.
Governor Ugwuanyi’s second outing in the state has taken the toll of a fait-accompli; an irreversible phenomenon that ushered in the delivery and bullish implanting of democratic indices within the entirety of the Coal City State with a reveberating echoes even beyond.
Today, necessity beckons!
For the continuity, as well as the sustainance of the gap already filled by the Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu) on the subject matter of leadership here in Enugu State.
Governor Ugwuanyi’s political odyssey and feats in so short a time, his sweeping exactitude cutting across legislative cum executive arms of government, rightly justifies him as having come thus far a long way, and having carried so much proceeds and dividends of impacts, aligning to the prognosis of a greater feat as a worthy statesman and Governor.
God is aware of these facts!
Governor Ugwuanyi has through his peculiar Leadership methods and exploits, neither neglected nor sidelined any particular sector of the Enugu State economy, having simultaneously balanced the odds for a remarkable journey towards an Economic restoration and a prosperous future.
Right now, in the Agricultural Sector for instance, the OPM has observed the wonderful milestones which have been attained by the Governor and his worthy team.
During the interval of these years under discussion, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has made modest efforts in the Agricultural Sector of the state towards ensuring food security in Enugu State.
Despite the daunting challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic outbreak, Ugwuanyi’s laudable impacts in the various Agricultural value chains such as Cashew, Rice, Cassava, Fishery and then the continuous provision of seed inputs, infrastructure and mechanisation for over (11000) eleven thousand farmers, under the FADAMA-III additional finance.
The provision of basic input Empowerment to over seven thousand (7000) commercial farmers and cooperatives all over the state, through the Commercial Agricultural Development Programme (CADP) and the complete profiling and listing of one thousand, seven hundred (1700) farmers and farmers cooperatives under the Agro processing, productivity Enhancement and livelihood Improvement Support Project otherwise known as the ENUGU WYEP-APPEALS.
OPM is highly elated that even as we speak, the implementation agency of the state government has commenced predisbursement training and is like always, again about to take off an Army of One thousand seven hundred (1700) women and Youths of our dear Enugu State, away from the shackles of unemployment to be gainfully empowered to create more jobs from the process.
There’s also the provision of intervention funds in support of Agricultural Development in Rice and Cassava production in up to five local Government Areas of the State.
Ugwuanyi is robustly commited to identifying opportunities that is quite suitable for the Enugu state Youth and bringing them on board for his beloved teeming Ndi-Enugu State Youths.
These and numerous other visible reasons is surely more precisely the evidences on ground that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has been doing that which Ndi-Enugu State wants him to be doing in return for their votes.
Worthy of note is that in the interval of the six years, since Governor Ugwuanyi took over Leadership in Enugu State, Ndi-Enugu have witnessed pinpoint accuracy solutions in the security architecture of the state, coupled with clinical precision and surgical strike interventions in all the sectors of the Enugu State economy.
The Man is a Leadership progidy!
This is because we are in such a challenging period when the entire Africa and indeed, the Nigerian economy is seriously being confronted by crisis of immense complexity and of major proportions. A crisis of contraction; contraction of financial flows, contraction of Economic growth and worst of all, contraction of international exchange.
As we hope Nigeria will look towards this direction come 2023.
We equally pray that his irreversible track record of leadership excellence evidenced in the Case study of Enugu state, will speak for him for the benefit of this generation and more for the unborn.
Governor Ugwuanyi is on a mission and mandate to Save, Serve and Secure Nigeria.